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Fournier 505 can be processed not only into back-marked cards, but also barcode side marked cards.

If you wish to play back-marked cards, you will need to use the corresponding device, such as infrared contact lenses or poker sunglasses, to see the invisible ink marks show cards poker hack.

You have more options if you prefer the barcode-side marked cards. You have two options: you can use the poker analyzer phone alone (which means that the analyzer must be placed on the table), or you can use the external scanning camera and the poker analyzer together (which means that the analyzer doesn’t have to be on the table). You can conceal the scanner in a T-shirt, watch, or thermos cup cheating lens.

Our marked cards are superior in quality and longevity to other manufacturers in the industry. Our marked poker card customers’ satisfaction motivates us to improve. If you are interested in Fournier 505 marked poker cards, please let us know.